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Over 20 Years Of Bankruptcy Experience

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For over 20 years the Law Office of Danyelle Walker has helped people in Little Rock and the surrounding communities settle debt obligations

Declaring any kind of bankruptcy will impact your credit, but you'll gain peace of mind, stop annoying collection calls and reset your debt to a manageable level. We can help you design a plan to suit your unique financial situation.


I'll review your finances, explain your bankruptcy and debt relief options, and then develop a complete plan designed to mitigate your financial difficulty.


• Discharge most of your debts or eliminate or modify secured debts

• Protect your property and income from unsecured creditors

• An individualized plan for your unique situation


There is an automatic stay that prohibits various collection attempts by creditors, including repossessions, garnishments, foreclosures and evictions.

If you're considering bankruptcy, it's important to find an experienced attorney who's presided over a substantial amount of cases.

Experience that will serve you well in the court room

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Our law office will weigh your level of debt against your current income stream, which affects your ability to repay, before deciding the best course of action.

Wipe your financial slate clean

Confront your financial issues head on with our experienced team in your corner