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If you're behind on credit card or automobile payments, or have unpaid medical bills, you're probably experiencing a high volume of call from your creditors.  As a bankruptcy attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I've witnessed some remarkable instances of consumer intimidation.


There are a number of intimidation techniques debt collectors often employ to pressure you into payment.


• Use threats of violence or harm

• Use obscene or profane language

• Claim that you have committed a crime or threaten you with arrest

• Misrepresent the amount you owe or say they'll seize, garnish or sell your property


Collection agencies and creditors often threaten you with wage garnishments and legal action, even if they lack the standing to follow up on these claims.

Disputing debt amounts or asking that a collection agency abstain from contact during certain hours of the day is best handled by sending the debt collector a written notice.

Send your complaints in writing

Stop constant

collection calls


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You can route collection calls to our office, and once the proper paperwork is filed, the law prevents those parties from contacting you.


Stop constant collection calls

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